Security, prevention and integrity policy

We think it is important that everyone feels safe and that they are treated fairly, equally and normally. The board provides a safe environment for our athletes and conducts an active prevention and integrity policy. The board and the teachers are in regular contact with each other about the general progress.

An intake interview will be conducted with every new volunteer and every volunteer will be informed of our house rules, especially the rules of conduct with regard to. unwanted behavior (House Rules). All volunteers are informed about the local situation and explained how to act in the event of a calamity (including a map of the location in question and escape routes; dealing with the external emergency services). To guarantee the integrity of the volunteers, a VOG (Statement of Good Conduct) is required and a declaration of submission to disciplinary law is signed.

safety counseler
Confidential Counseler

Confidential Counseler
Koen Vijverman

At SKVA we work with volunteers who provide the lessons. A new teacher has trained karate for a number of years and is informed by the board about the policy of SKVA, which is stated in the 2004 deed of incorporation. The new teacher is supervised in the initial phase by an experienced trainer and then carries out the trainership independently.

Anyone can file a complaint with the confidential counselor (call: see photo below) or via the website/CONTACT regarding alleged violations of integrity and/or transgressive behaviour. The board will handle the complaint as soon as possible and take appropriate measures to end and prevent this behaviour.

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