WELCOME (see Dutch site for news and more information)

Refugees from Ukraine are welcome to follow all classes.

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SKVA, founded in 2004, is a family club. The club has 30 members ranging from 7 to 77 years old, sometimes a parent with his child. Safety, having pleasure in performing sports and respect for each other at SKVA comes first. For Shotokan karate a correct technic, coördination and control of your body (and mind) are of great importance (see ‘Policy’: Informatie – SKVA) . A training consist of a warming up, basic technics (‘kihon’), more complex exercise forms (‘kata’) and sometime a ‘free’ fight. We train hard, but fysical contact is limited at SKVA. One can only practise a real free fight after many years of training and is only for some individuals.
Always welcome, join us during a normal lesson for free to taste the ambiance.

During the ‘free’ fight we use proper protection.
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