Lessons: times

The intake course lasts 5 lessons: costs: € 20. The course is given on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Max 3 open lessons on Tu/Thu/Sa are free of charge. EVERYONE, parents, friends, neighbors, can get acquainted with karate without obligation. For the intake course, (long) training pants and (white) T-shirt are sufficient. We train on clean bare feet.

If you decide to continue with the course, you can sign up afterwards. If you arrive fifteen minutes earlier for the first lesson, you will have plenty of time to change clothes, sign up and receive additional information.

Are you interested in the intake course? Send an e-mail with name and telephone number and any questions (see ‘Contact’ or info@skva.info). Registration can also be done in the hall.

Ouderenkarate – Karate-do Bond Nederland (kbn.nl)
Scientific research has been done and written about this regularly in recent decades. For example, one study looked at Karate training as a combination of cognitive, physical and emotional activity. The test group involved people over the age of 60. After various training, the cognitive improvement was not present, but a clear improvement was visible physically and emotionally. In other words, elderly people who practiced Karatedo became fitter and also felt better emotionally. One of the conclusions was that the quality of life improved for these people (Jansen, Damen-Zimer; 2012).