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As a payment for the contribution SKVA only uses automatic collection. You can choose to pay for the whole season (payment in September) or to spread the payment in two terms (payments in September and January). SKVA has a Youth, Student and an adult rate.

For other payments (non contribution) you can use the following acount:
Shotokan Karatevereniging Amstelveen
IBAN: NL93INGB0004848734

The registration form, the collection form and the Privacy protocol (AVG) are downloadable in English at tab: ‘Informatie/Documenten’. Please fill in all 3 forms completely and deliver them at one of the teachers (to fill in only once).

As a member of SKVA you can freely join occasionaly the training at other ‘Agerbeek’ dojo’s:
SKCA (Amsterdam), Zanchin (Heemskerk), ASK (Alkmaar), Naifanchi (Heerhugowaard) and Chisei (Krommenie).


The Youth Fund Sport & Culture helps!
Is it difficult to pay the membership fee? The Youth Fund Sport & Culture helps! The Youth Fund Sport & Culture pays the contribution and/or necessities for children and young people from families where there is not enough money at home.
How does it work?
As a parent/guardian, you cannot submit an application to the Youth Fund for Sport & Culture yourself. This can only be done by an intermediary, for example the teacher, someone from the social district team, debt counseling or youth care. He or she knows the rules of the game and knows whether your child qualifies. If the application is approved, your child can often start exercising within three weeks. Do you want to submit an application? Download the parent card, fill it in and take it with you to the appointment with the intermediary.
There is always a Youth Fund Sport & Culture nearby. You will find the contact details of all funds on the website of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture.
What is the amount?
The Youth Fund Sport & Culture determines the amount based on the amount of the tuition fee and, if necessary, the necessities. After approval of the application, the contribution is paid directly to us. You may also receive a voucher for attributes that can be handed in at a store in your area. The intermediary can tell you more about this.
Would you like to know more about the working method of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture? Read more here.

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